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TOYOPOWER was founded in 1997 with manufacturing facilities in Malaysia, Taiwan, China & Thailand. Over the years, TOYOPOWER has established itself as a leading manufacturer of power transmission belts globally with corporate offices in Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, India, Mexico and Kenya.

Toyopower currently has a combined capacity of 3,500,000 belts per month and plans for future expansion to cater for ever increasing demands from the market and our distribution partners.

Our Manufacturing Facilities utilize highly automated production lines & implemented stringent Quality controls to ensure production efficiency and consistent quality.

In addition, our flexible manufacturing systems enable us to offer specialized belting solutions that meet challenging application-specific requirements.


Toyopower believes in offering a strong value proposition to customers – best quality at optimal prices. Quality has been the hallmark for Toyopower since its inception.

We adhere to a unique 2-tier quality control system in our manufacturing process.

The first-tier quality control process is executed during the manufacturing phase –
• Raw material evaluation and quality controls to ensure consistency of materials input
• “Work In Progress” (WIP) evaluation and quality assurance to ensure stable process and quality management
• Finished product testing and evaluation to ensure products meet/exceed required standards and manufacturing targets

The second-tier, quality validation process is at the post-production phase –
• Static testing of random production batches on a daily basis to confirm 1st tier quality control result consistency
• Dynamic running tests conducted against extreme application benchmarks to ensure finished products exceed peer standards



TOYOPOWER believe in keeping abreast with the ever-changing demands of the market. With our fully equipped R&D facility and an experienced engineering team we are able to develop specialized products as required.

Toyopower’s research and development team keeps itself updated on the latest technology improvements in the industry, in process equipment and material compounds. We further develop cross R&D with tire and other rubber parts industries to gain further insight into improving our belt manufacturing capabilities. This ensures our product quality is consistent and is constantly improved to meet the ever-increasing demands from our customers thus enhancing our value proposition.

Our R&D laboratory is fully equipped with the latest state of art machines for Tensile strength testing, Viscosity, Abrasion test, Rubber hardness, Sample Cutting and Dynamic test.