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Automotive BELTS

Toyopower is a leading player in the automotive segment.

Our automotive belts are designed to consistently meet and exceed OEM specification with the usage of the latest innovative rubber materials and manufacturing processes.
TOYOPOWER belts are developed through extensive laboratory and actual road mileage testing, to deliver trouble-free driving solutions. We produce belts with tough, wear-resistant fabric, high tensile strength cord, with reinforced EPDM compounds to ensure consistent slip-proof power transfer and high resistance to oil and engine heat.

TOYOPOWER manufactures an extensive range of Automotive Belts that cover the whole range of vehicles. We manufacture belts for almost all makers and models of two-wheelers, cars & vans, trucks & buses, heavy and light duty vehicles. The product range includes; Raw-Edge V-Belts, Multi Ribbed Belts and Timing Belts.

TOYOPOWER range of automotive belts are engineered for high mileage and demanding needs of current generation vehicles.